[PATCH] ccl: create ccl symlink
(too old to reply)
Tomas Hlavaty
2017-06-28 18:41:56 UTC
Make it more intuitive for users to start ccl and avoid platform
dependent executable names.


Tested on nixos x86_64.

Peter Simons
2017-06-28 21:10:07 UTC
Hi Tomas,

thank you very much for contributing this patch.

I wonder, though, why you are using such a convoluted path to submit
this change? You have an account on github, "tohl", so you *can* create
pull requests, which are vastly simpler to handle than a posting to this
mailing list is. Yet, instead of opening a PR, you post this patch here
and then use your Github account to post to the Nixpkgs bug tracker a
reference to your submission on the list. This feels very awkward. Is
there any particular reason why you choose to communicate in this

Best regards,
Tomas Hlavaty
2017-06-28 22:48:33 UTC
Hi Peter,

thank you for your email.

That awkward patch on the bug tracker was a try to see if that was
somehow possible and useful. Now I see that it wasn't a good idea, so
sorry for the chaos I created.

The problem is on my side as I haven't found an optimal way to
contribute yet.

I use github pretty much only to contribute to nixpkgs and I am not good
at using it.

I used to contribute more and I'd like to contribute more again but with
less time available on my side I would also like to find a better way of
contributing, without having to go through web browser and clicking
around to submit PRs or create new issues.

I found a way to create issues with a simple script via github json API.

It is possible to reply to issues via email already so this is good.
(That's how I sent the patch to the bug tracker, for example.)

I haven't found any way to create PRs without a web-browser. I wonder,
if it is possible?

Thanks again for your time and sorry for inconvenience.

Tomas Hlavaty
2017-06-29 20:33:48 UTC
Post by Tomas Hlavaty
I haven't found any way to create PRs without a web-browser. I wonder,
if it is possible?
Vladimír Čunát and Kirill Elagin suggested gitAndTools.hub and it looks
like what I am after. Thanks!